Oriane sentis

Listen to Oriane, a freshly graduated student, explain the early days of her awesome project. While she was still at ESSEC, she founded SmartVrac, a company that empowers supermarkets with an easy-to-use bulk selling solution. After parting ways with a first cofounder, she finally found two engineers – Charles and Guillaume – with whom she launched a first pilot in a Franprix store, one of France's top retailer. As they are about to enter the industrial phase of their project, she delivers an exciting testimony on how to make an impact and why you should not be afraid to turn ideas into reality. 

Oriane Sentis, the founder of SmartVrac, present to us the her Venture in the foodtech.

The founder tell us about her academic background in which helped her to develop SmartVrac. From an engineering school to a business school, the founder had a broader view of the venture creative process. 

The founder tells us about the support from Essec Ventures incubator during the early stages of the business. 

The founder describes in detail the pathway of the market explaining the major pivots the team developed along the process. 

The founder explains the moment when she decided to go all-in and become a full-time entrepreneur. She describe us the triggers and what made us make this decision. 

The founder describes her reflections at the time about the cofounder team. She explains that friends aren’t always the right choice to start a startup with 

The founder explains to us her process from the idea to production. Yet, the founder highlights the relevance of the network in the process.  

The founder talks to us with excitement about her 3 years of entrepreneurship. She explains how she wants to keep going as far as she can with the business venture. 

The founder tells us her funding story: How did she find fundraising opportunities , roadshow and investors 

The founder explained us the relevance of testing our solution as soon as possible. For her; "Start practicing now: You need to test your product as fast as possible!"