Le Fonds Social Européen (FSE) 

The European Social Fund (ESF) is a financial instrument of the European Union (EU) that aims to promote employment, social inclusion, and skills development in member states. It supports initiatives and programs aimed at improving workers' employability, combating poverty and social exclusion, and strengthening equal opportunity policies.

The ESF invests in a wide range of areas, such as vocational training, education, job creation, support for job seekers, social inclusion of disadvantaged individuals, combating discrimination, and improving working conditions. It also encourages entrepreneurship, social innovation, and professional mobility.

Actions funded by the ESF are implemented at various levels, whether at the national, regional, or local level, depending on the specific needs of each member state. Beneficiaries of the ESF can include public organizations, non-governmental organizations, businesses, educational institutions, research centers, and individuals.

The ESF plays an essential role in achieving the EU's objectives of inclusive growth, sustainable development, and quality employment. It contributes to strengthening social and economic cohesion within the European Union by reducing inequalities, promoting social inclusion, and supporting the modernization of educational and vocational training systems.

In summary, the European Social Fund is a crucial financial instrument of the EU that aims to promote employment, social inclusion, and skills development to create a fairer, more inclusive, and competitive society.

OUR Partners

Our partners play an essential role in our mission and contribute to our success. We are proud to collaborate with companies and organizations that share our values and commitment to excellence. We would like to sincerely thank our partners for their trust and dedication. Their expertise and resources are invaluable assets for our students. 

As the leading bank for SMEs, Banque Populaire Rives de Paris places entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of its expertise.

Because a startup has different expectations than a traditional business, Banque Populaire Rives de Paris has established a team of experts to support you in accelerating your development.

An innovation expert team will understand your project, your expectations, your stage of maturity, your business model... Whatever type of value proposition you have, whether it's technological, service, incremental, or organizational innovation, you will be accompanied at Banque Populaire Rives de Paris by an expert and a business advisor to provide guidance on your financial engineering and connect you with their network (partners, clients...).

Both professionally and privately, you can rely on one of our 12 business centers and the dedicated business center for startups and innovation.

In Extenso Innovation Croissance advises innovative organizations on the major challenges of tomorrow by providing companies and public actors with the strategic vision of a partner capable of proposing and implementing scientific, technical, strategic, financial and fiscal recommendations in the field of sustainable innovation.

With 100 consultants mastering the entrepreneurial and sectoral challenges of their clients, In Extenso Innovation Croissance offers a strong territorial network in France, thanks to 7 regional offices, ensuring both reactivity and perfect knowledge of ecosystems and networks of decision-makers. 

In Extenso Innovation Croissance is referenced in the “Excellent” category of the Leaders League rankings "Energy & Environment - Corporate Social Responsibility", "Financial Management Partners - Innovation Financing" and "Innovation, Technologies & Telecoms - Innovation strategy & management".

In Extenso Innovation Croissance, a subsidiary of the In Extenso Group certified Great Place To Work, obtained the CSR Positive Company label.

A pioneer in digital recruitment, Altaïde is recognized as the leading recruiter for startups, scale-ups, and companies undergoing digital transformation. Altaïde revolutionized recruiting by inventing social recruitment and developing a methodology that relies on our technological approach to sourcing. With a presence in Europe, we support our clients in Recruitment, Executive Search, and consulting, both in France and internationally. Our objective is to create the best possible team (top management, marketing, sales and technical) to drive your business growth.

The CIC is part of the CREDIT MUTUEL ALLIANZ Federal group, and is the bank of one out of Three companies in France.
It regularly supports companies, which demonstrate an entrepreneur mindset to help them to build a world of changes.
Over the past two years, the CIC in IDF has organized itself to provide the best possible support to start-ups and innovative companies. It has created an Innovation steering Department in order to be as close as possible to them and generally to the innovation ecosystem.

The Department is made up of 30 Innovation Professionals who support the early stage and 8 Innovation Corporate advisors that support the accelerating startups. All of these employees have benefited from a program of acculturation delivered by professionals in order to better understand the world of innovation, its needs and funding.
Our priority is to provide our customers with the best quality of service, the greatest reactivity thanks to a particularly short decision process and a careful listening of project leaders.
Proximity is at the heart of our strategy and already support nearly one thousand startups in their 

development in IDF.
CIC organizes an annual innovative start-up and business competition, named « Start Innovation Business Awards » which aims to reward the best project in three categories: Start/ Scale and Impact.

The Dennemeyer Group provides high quality Intellectual Property protection and management services and is committed to being the first-choice partner for its clients worldwide, from start-ups to multinational companies. With 60 years of industry experience and more than 20 offices worldwide, Dennemeyer manages more than three million intellectual property rights for approximately 8,000 clients. In addition to a full range of IP-related legal services, Dennemeyer offers consulting, software management and maintenance services for your trademarks, designs, and patents. 

Coming from both French and Anglo-Saxon backgrounds, the lawyers at DJS AVOCATS mainly work in advisory roles and prioritize an innovative approach to the law, serving startups, SMEs, mid-cap companies, large corporations, as well as shareholders, investors, and executives. Embracing a modern and pragmatic approach to the law, the team at DJS AVOCATS strives to make it a practical tool that promotes the development of business activities, ensuring safety and serving the best legal and economic interests of their clients. 

ODDO BHF is a European financial group with French, German and Swiss roots whose history goes back over 240 years. Formed from a French family bank, a German private bank focused on the Mittelstand and a Swiss private bank, the Group gathers 2,700 employees and serve clients in France, Germany, Switzerland, and all around the world, united by an entrepreneurial spirit.

ODDO BHF offers its clients tailored and sustainable product and advisory solutions in the areas of Private Wealth Management, Asset Management and Corporates & Markets, under the guiding principle “ make every day an opportunity”.

The strength and independence of the Group is based on a unique shareholder structure since 65% of the Group's capital is held by the Oddo family, and 25% by its employees. This spirit of partnership is a guarantee of high long-term employee commitment. In 2022, net income from ODDO BHF's banking business amounted to €726 million. The Group's consolidated equity amounted to over €1 billion as of December 31, 2022, and managed clients’ assets of over 128 billion euros.