ALEX bidinot

Listen to Alexis tell the story of his amazing career path. After successfully founding a first company in 2009 and graduating from ESSEC and Centrale Advanced Master of Entrepreneurship, he pursued a stunning journey in the corporate world, from several positions at Atos to being hired as Free's Deputy CEO. Despite his role at the head of one of France's largest Telecom groups, he chose with several members of his team to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure. Qiet empowers homes with elegant and carefully designed security solutions. An exciting testimony that shows what makes entrepreneurship so special! 

Alexis Bidinot, the founder of Qiet, tells us about his academic background and how he fell in love with entrepreneurship. 

The founder talks about his previous work experiences at Atos and Free. After some years of experience, the founder decided to launch a new business when he identified a market need within connected security devices. Qiet's first products appeared in this uncompetitive market in September 2021. 

The founder tells us about the support of the Essec Ventures incubator and the MS CENTRALE-ESSEC Entrepreneurship Master's program, which played a decisive role in his decision to (re)launch his business. It was an opportunity to improve his skills while developing his entrepreneurial ideas. 

The founder explains his needs of being an employee before becoming an entrepreneur. For him, his corporate experience helped to structure his management style. 

The founder tells us about his drivers. He describes that creating something (or giving life to something) was crucial in his journey, therefore, entrepreneurship was the route for him. 

The founder describes how he drove his market fit through the customer needs. To do this, he paid close attention to customer needs, and constantly tried to meet them in a way that was appropriate to the market. 

The founder explains to us that in the next years, he will focus on the constant improvement of the product. 

The founder talks about the different forms of entrepreneurship. For him, It's important to be entrepreneurial and keep the flame burning, no matter what form of entrepreneurship it takes.