Les fabuleuses

Elise Pringent

Listen to Elise, a freshly graduated student who has already started teaching, as she explains the rise and fall of her biscuits business. Started while she was still an Apprentice, she leveraged her working environment to test the products and launch her brand on a very strategic positioning. Despite superb marketing efforts and promising sales, the Covid crisis led her and her team to drop the project. But don't you worry, she's far from done. An inspiring message on the importance of letting go, and the mindset one needs to have to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Elise tell us about what is Les fabuleuses and how the idea came up. 

Elise Prigent, the founder of Les Fabuleuses, tells us about the discovery of entrepreneurship, and her liaison with Essec Ventures incubator in which played a building role in her decision to launch the venture. 

The founder talk about the early stages to the venture; from the discovery of the "energy balls" during a visit to the UK, to their design and distribution in France. 

The founder detailed to us the several steps that were taken to shape the project: filing of the company name, search for partners, connection with industrial partners, and crowdfunding. 

The founder narrates a successful growth hacking strategy story. A clever strategy to showcase Les Fabuleuses products at the Cannes Film Festival and get stars to advertise them. 

While the founder was looking constantly for financing through a crowdfunding campaign, entrepreneurship grant, honorary loan, and fundraising preparation, everyything was shaken up by COVID-19. 

The founder tells us the end of the adventure. Rhe covid, the dependence on a major retail player, the increase in competition and the lack of fundraising led to the decision to put and end of Les Fabuleuses. 

The founder describes the weeks after she put an end to the venture idea. It is important to keep in mind the pride in the work done and to recognize when it is time to stop.