Amaury, François and alex

Listen to Amaury, François and Alex tell the story of how they turned a graduation investment into a fast-growing scale-up. After having successfully launched over a dozen coliving spaces, they recently raised 180 million euros to expand their growth, with over 100 more coliving spaces planned to open all over Europe. A fascinating tale on how to build a company with your best friends. 

Amaury, François, and Alexandre present their journey and what is Colonies. They clarify the value proposition of their business. 

The cofounders tell us about the people and the connections that they did along their journey helped them to develop the venture. 

The cofounders explain to us the origins of Colonies. As they faced this problem, they explore different possibilities before lauching the ventures. 

The dynamics at the cofounders' team are crucial to build and maintaining a strong business structure. The co-founders explained us how they make decisions when they are not unanimous. 

The cofounders tell us their strategy to recrute senior profiles from scratch. 

The cofounders tell us how they guide their vision based on the costumers dynamics and feedback. 

The cofounders tell us the first obstacles to financing the venture's idea. Also, they enlighten us on their fundraising process and how did they approach them.