Valentine and Alex

Listen to Alex and Valentine tell their story on how they launched a furniture line made of recycled plastic. Fascinating insights on how a business school student helped a creative designer take his products to the next level. Having recently moved to their new headquarters in Choisy-le-roi, they are intent on developing their brand even more. Their mission to transform waste into beautiful furniture items is what drives them. 

Alexandre Alimiet and Valentine d'Harcourt, the co-founders of Anga, explain to us the origins of ventures. They explain why they started their startup and the social problem the venture is trying to solve. 

The cofounders tell us the first steps of the startup. They explore their journey to the first commercialization from prototypes to the first client meeting. 

Valentine, one of the co-founders, describes how they both started working together after meeting at an entrepreneurial course at ESSEC 

The duo completes each other: The duo describes to us the skills they put forward to develop Anga; Alexandre as the Artistic engineering design, and Valentine as the business driver of Anga. 

The cofounders talk about how they aligned their values to create Anga’s vision and business strategy. 

Valentine talks about her interest in entrepreneurship in favor of her ecological values. The cofounder describes how ESSEC followed her along the process. 

The cofounders tell us about a major milestone of Anga. A first special order which allowed them to launch Anga, a table for an art exposition 

The cofounder explains the difficulties they had trying to match their first orders with their production capacities and a visit to their production site 

The cofounders explained why they chose organic growth through bank loans. The reason: Their product is scalable and a high-end prototype can be made. 

The cofounders tell us about the challenges of selling and fixing the price of their products. They describe how they confronted their ideas with the real life of the market.