The "juices" around the world


Founder of Citizen M, an affordable luxury hotel chain from Amsterdam, Michael Levie (E83) gives us advice on business pivoting in the hospitality industry. He describes how he adapted his start-up services and business model based on channels rather than segmentation. 

Vincent Nallatamby 

Bought out in 2021 by Google, Tempow has long been the flagship of French Tech, participating in the democratization of Bluetooth. Discover Vincent Nallatamby's (E16) advice on how to break into Silicon Valley, with a focus on Visa and mentors. 

Sara Schaer 

After experiencing childcare issues herself, Sara Schaer (E94) founded Kango, the Uber for kids. Discover how she developed a network of nanny drivers across California. She discusses the legal issues surrounding safety and how to build trust with parents. 

Mickaël Jordan 

Pioneer of augmented reality with his start-up Augment, Mickael Jordan (E10) tells us about his experience as an international entrepreneur, from Chicago to Berlin. Listen to his interview to find out the best way to start a business based on your entrepreneurial profile. 

Maya Popkin 

With her expertise as a creative director in luxury and fashion, Maya Popkin (EXEC MBA02) founded 8 ARROWS in 2016 to develop toxin-free activewear. She manages to build a sustainable small niche business, using word of mouth and ambassadors in Hollywood.