ESSEC Entrepreneurs share insights about their entrepreneurial journeys.

A series of videos made by ESSEC entrepreneurs for the entrepreneurial community.


   Season 2

So Press

Listen to Franck talk about the epic journey of SoPress, a small project that turned into one of the top French media. He tackles major entrepreneurial topics such as work-life balance and financing, while giving young entrepreneurs key advices 


Listen to Audrey talk about her entrepreneurial adventures, from successfully exiting a startup she had joined as the first employee, to building Popee, a toilet paper and hygiene products brand made in France from recycled paper. 


In 2003, Rodolphe and his brother launched Babilou, a network of private nurseries. 19 years later, the company has 800 nurseries across the world and employs more than 12 000 people. Rodolphe talks openly about the beginnings of the company, with his brother at the hospital. 


Listen to Marion Carrette (E96) tell us about her amazing entrepreneurial journey. She started working in tech at the very beginning of the internet and launched her first company to help companies write content online. 

OrNANO + co

Entrepreneurship doesn’t always mean launching a startup. Listen to the story of Raphaelle (E09), who after pursuing long studies in business, law and accounting decided to launch her own transaction services firm. 


Listen to Arnaud Delubac's (M20) very epic young career. He kicked it off with a degree in communication while working in politics for the French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Arnaud then decided to launch with his brother in law a company to help people evaluate their CO2 impact/


Listen to the story of Hélène Boulet-Supau's fantastic career! After holding various positions in Finance and eventually becoming the financial director of the Pierre & Vacances group, she quit to work on her own as a consultant. A true entrepreneur and an inspirational testimony! 


Listen to Pierre Emmanuel's amazing career, from wandering the streets of San Francisco to collect used products to come up with an MVP to building a successful circular economy startup employing dozens of people. The path was far from linear for Zack, which pivoted several times before finding the right product-market fit. As always, a very inspiring testimony! 

   Season 1


Listen to Amaury, François and Alex tell the story of Colonies and how they turned a graduation investment into a fast-growing scale-up, After having successfully launched over a dozen coliving spaces, they recently raised 180 million euros to expand their growth.


Listen to Alex and Valentine tell their story on how they launched Anga, a furniture line made of recycled plastic. Fascinating insights on how a business school student helped a creative designer take his products to the next level.


Listen to Thibault explain the rocky beginnings of his adventure, transforming an in-class project into a soon-to-be 400 employees company with offices all over the world. Thibault reflects on his entrepreneurial journey at Partoo and the many challenges he faced along the way


Listen to Elise, a freshly graduated student who has already started teaching, as she explains the rise and fall of her biscuits business. Despite superb marketing efforts and promising sales, the Covid crisis led her and her team to drop the project. But don't you worry, she's far from done. 


Listen to Jonathan, a serial entrepreneur, talk about his epic journey from founding a movie producing company with his brother to building a company in the gaming industry. After having successfully sold his last venture to Ogury, and having taken some time off, Jonathan is on to the next one with Upfeel.io, a platform dedicated to the well-being of employees at work. 


Listen to Alexis tell the story of his amazing career path. After successfully founding a first company in 2009, he pursued a stunning journey in the corporate world, from several positions at Atos to being hired as Free's Deputy CEO. 


Listen to Oriane, a freshly graduated student, explain the early days of her awesome project. While she was still at ESSEC, she founded SmartVrac, a company that empowers supermarkets with an easy-to-use bulk selling solution. 



Listen to David, the founder of #1 streetwear, an sneakers online platform. He had always been passionated by streetwear, and when he saw that no platform was really providing customers, David made the move and founded his website, Wethenew!