ESSEC Entrepreneurs share insights about their entrepreneurial journeys.


Listen to Amaury, François and Alex tell the story of how they turned a graduation investment into a fast-growing scale-up. After having successfully launched over a dozen coliving spaces, they recently raised 180 million euros to expand their growth, with over 100 more coliving spaces planned to open all over Europe. A fascinating tale on how to build a company with your best friends.


Listen to Alex and Valentine tell their story on how they launched a furniture line made of recycled plastic. Fascinating insights on how a business school student helped a creative designer take his products to the next level. Having recently moved to their new headquarters in Choisy-le-roi, they are intent on developing their brand even more. Their mission to transform waste into beautiful furniture items is what drives them.


Listen to Thibault explain the rocky beginnings of his adventure, transforming an in-class project into a soon-to-be 400 employees company with offices all over the world. Thibault reflects on his entrepreneurial journey and the many challenges he faced along the way, from a first failed association with the wrong cofounder to fierce competition that almost put him out of business. A strong and inspirational testimony for anyone curious about entrepreneurship!


Listen to Elise, a freshly graduated student who has already started teaching, as she explains the rise and fall of her biscuits business. Started while she was still an Apprentice, she leveraged her working environment to test the products and launch her brand on a very strategic positioning. Despite superb marketing efforts and promising sales, the Covid crisis led her and her team to drop the project. But don't you worry, she's far from done. An inspiring message on the importance of letting go, and the mindset one needs to have to be a successful entrepreneur.


Listen to Jonathan, a serial entrepreneur, talk about his epic journey from founding a movie producing company with his brother to building a company in the gaming industry. After having successfully sold his last venture to Ogury, and having taken some time off, Jonathan is on to the next one with, a platform dedicated to the well-being of employees at work. He leverages the experience he acquired until now to create a project with a massive impact in a rising market, a project that makes sense for him and for society. An interesting testimony on the "what's next?" that pops up in the life of an entrepreneur that sold his venture.